Chic Pre Cuts Magic Quilt Kit

Chic Pre Cuts Magic Quilt Kit
July 7, 2023

The chic pre cuts magic quilt kit provides countless design possibilities and simplifies the quilting process by eliminating tedious cutting and measuring of fabric patterns. This makes quilting more enjoyable and allows quilters to focus on creative aspects of the craft.

Shabby Fabrics has a wide selection of precut friendly patterns using Jelly Rolls, Charm Packs, Layer Cakes and Fat Quarters. Using these quilt kits is a convenient way to save time and money when creating your next quilt project.

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The chic pre cuts magic quilt kit offers a number of benefits to quilting enthusiasts. One of the most important is convenience. This quilting kit saves the hassle of cutting and measuring fabric pieces, thus allowing quilters to focus more on the artistic aspect of quilting. In addition, it saves time and money by reducing the amount of fabric that is needed to complete a quilt.

In terms of versatility, the chic pre cuts magic quilt kit also offers a wide range of design options. This is because the fabric patterns and colours are carefully chosen, so that they go well together. This allows quilters to experiment with different combinations and even try out innovative quilt block arrangements.

The kits also come with a variety of precut applique shapes, which can be ironed on without any fuss. This makes the entire quilting process faster and more enjoyable. These applique shapes can be found in several forms, such as precut applique fabric sheets and laser cut applique shapes. The latter is an option that is especially convenient for beginners.


The Chic Pre-Cuts Magic Quilt Kit allows quilters of all skill levels to unleash their creativity and produce magnificent creations without having to deal with the tedious task of cutting and measuring fabric. This makes the quilting process easier and faster, allowing you to finish tasks sooner and enjoy more time for your hobby. You’ll also save money by purchasing a quilt kit instead of individual pieces of fabric.

Another benefit of using a quilt kit is its versatility. You can choose from a wide variety of fabric patterns and colors to suit your personality. You can also experiment with different combinations, sashing, and borders. The variety of options available in these kits will give you a chance to make a unique, one-of-a-kind quilt.

You can use these quilt kits for a range of projects, from simple baby blankets to more complicated king-size quilts. They are also a great way to try out new techniques, like strip piecing. Many of these quilt kits come with a pattern that can help you get started.

Some quilt kits come with precut applique shapes that you can iron on with no fuss, making them an excellent option for those who are new to sewing. There are also kits that include laser-cut applique shapes, allowing you to cut them out quickly and easily.

If you’re looking for a quilt to make for your twin bed, consider the charming Twin Blossoms quilt project by Laundry Basket Quilts. It features a large panel built around triangles and flying geese blocks with a mitered repeating stripe border. Or, you can try a smaller throw quilt for your twin bed with the Twin Botanical Magic quilt project by Alison Glass. This quilt features eye-catching florals and geometric prints that will brighten up your room.

Savings in time and money

Using a quilt kit saves you time because it eliminates the tedious step of cutting and measuring fabric. This allows you to focus on the artistic aspects of quilting and finish more projects. It also helps you avoid waste and saves you money because you’re not buying more fabric than you need.

A quilting kit is a great choice for beginners or experts alike. It contains a pattern, pre-cut fabric pieces and instructions to make your quilt. The fabric patterns and colors are carefully matched, so you can be sure that your finished product will be beautiful. It’s also a convenient option for those with wrist problems that make it difficult to use a rotary cutter.

You’ll find a variety of quilt kits in various sizes, styles, and skill levels, so you can choose one that suits your needs. Many kits come with a pattern, fabrics, and batting, so you can begin working on your project as soon as you receive it. This will help you save time and money on supplies, and it’ll also allow you to get started on your quilting project quickly.

Depending on the kit, you’ll have a wide selection of fabric patterns to choose from. You’ll also have the convenience of pre-washed fabrics. While many people prefer to wash their own fabrics before using them, this can take a lot of time. It’s also important to keep in mind that some fabric manufacturers recommend against pre-washing their bundles, as this can change the way they feel when used.

When shopping for a quilting kit, be sure to compare prices to make the best decision. Often, you can find deals online or in stores, so be sure to look around before making a purchase. Also, remember to factor in shipping costs when comparing prices. This can be a huge savings, especially for international buyers. You can also purchase a quilting kit from a local store to avoid shipping charges.


Quilting is a popular craft that requires a blend of imagination, technical know-how and a love for materials. Precut fabric bundles, whether jelly rolls, 10″ squares or charm packs are the perfect design ingredient for many of today’s hottest quilt projects. This fast-paced, fun-filled workshop will show you how to turn these delectable, calorie-free textile treats into fabulous, scrappy quilts using a variety of basic building block units.

Join Kimberly for a fun-filled, stress-free day in class and graduate as a precut fabric pro! She’ll share her signature construction method for expertly piecing perfect flying geese, accurate half-square triangles from whole and half-size strips, and pretty pinwheels – all without any math or wasted fabric and with a minimum of stress. Kimberly will also demonstrate her top tricks and tips for precision piecing success, including her magic one-pin technique for achieving perfectly straight star points.

Kimberly’s most popular pattern, Chain Saw, looks complex to piece, but it’s actually easy and fun to construct! This stunning, spin-and-stitch-your-way-to-a-spinning strip-star quilt requires just one Jelly Roll bundle or 40 – 2 1/2″ strips cut from your stash plus one background fabric. The possibilities for constructing this quilt are almost endless and the design is a real showstopper!

This is a wonderful way to showcase all those luscious fabric fat quarters and precuts you’ve been collecting. This quilt features a simple but eye-catching secondary pattern that is revealed when the blocks are stitched together. You’ll love the easy-to-use rotary cutting techniques that will make this project go together quickly and accurately.

If you are a fan of color and have a passion for batiks, then this is the class for you! Kimberly will teach you how to create an amazing quilt that will wow everyone. You will learn to use your favorite batik fabrics to make a beautiful, starry batik quilt. Kimberly will walk you through her easy, step-by-step process to create the perfect stars and sashing. During this class, you will have plenty of time to ask questions and learn from Kimberly’s experience in designing, teaching and quilting with batiks.

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