Here Are 13 of The Best Football Betting Types to Wager On

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August 11, 2023

Football, known as the beautiful game, is not just a source of entertainment for millions but also a platform for exciting betting opportunities. The world of football betting offers a plethora of wagering options, allowing enthusiasts to engage uniquely with their favorite sport.

Football betting is a popular activity among sports enthusiasts, and there are various types of bets that individuals can place on football matches. In this article, we will explore thirteen of the best football betting types that bring fans closer to the action and unpredictability of the game.

Accumulator (Parlay)

Accumulators, also known as parlays, allow punters to combine multiple selections across various matches into a single bet. While all selections must be correct for the bet to succeed, the potential payout is significantly higher, making this a favorite among risk-takers.

When placing a parlay bet online, you can choose multiple selections from different matches or events, such as football, cricket, or horse races at TopSport and similar sites. Multiple selections on these events have the potential for higher payouts compared to placing individual bets separately.

Accumulator or parlay bets can add excitement and potential rewards to your sports betting experience. It’s important to approach them with a clear strategy, responsible bankroll management, and a realistic understanding of the challenges involved.

Match Result (1X2)

The match result bet, often referred to as 1X2, is the foundation of football betting. Punters simply predict the outcome of a match – whether the home team will win (1), the away team will win (2), or the match will end in a draw (X). This type of bet is straightforward and popular for beginners and casual bettors. However, the odds for this bet might not be as attractive.

Handicap Betting

For games with uneven matchups, Handicap Betting levels the playing field. The stronger team is handicapped, and the weaker team receives an advantage. Punters must decide whether the favorite can overcome the handicap or if the underdog will exceed expectations.

Over/Under Goals (Total Goals)

Predicting the number of goals scored in a match is the essence of the Over/Under Goals bet. Punters wager whether the total goals scored will be over or under a predetermined number set by the bookmaker, making this an intriguing option for those who love analyzing offensive and defensive capabilities.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

The BTTS bet centers on whether both teams will score during the match. Punters can bet on both teams scoring (Yes BTTS) or at least one team failing to score (No BTTS), adding an element of excitement throughout the game.

Correct Score

Challenging yet potentially rewarding, the Correct Score bet demands punters to accurately predict the exact final score of the match. Due to its complexity, the odds for this type of bet are often high, attracting those seeking larger payouts.

First Goal Scorer/Anytime Goal Scorer

These player-specific bets allow punters to bet on which player they believe will score the first goal of the match (First Goal Scorer) or whether a particular player will score at any point during the game (Anytime Goal Scorer). These bets add an individual player’s focus to the excitement of the match.


The Half-Time/Full-Time bet combines predictions for both the half-time result and the final result. Offering a range of nine possible outcomes, this bet provides higher odds and increased excitement throughout the match.

Draw No Bet

The Draw No Bet option provides a safety net for punters selecting a team to win. If the match ends in a draw, the stake is returned, reducing the level of risk. A Draw No Bet wager gives punters insurance when they choose a team to win. If the match ends in a draw, the stake is returned, effectively turning the bet into a simple 2-way bet (win or lose).

Outright Winner

The Outright Winner bet involves predicting the team that will emerge as the overall winner of a league, tournament, or competition before it starts. Punters can bet on the team they believe will emerge as the ultimate winner. This long-term bet allows fans to support their chosen team throughout the season or tournament.

Asian Handicap

An extension of the traditional handicap bet, the Asian Handicap offers more options by introducing fractions to the handicaps. This eliminates the possibility of a draw, making the bet even more intriguing.

Total Corners

This bet revolves around the number of corners awarded in a match. Punters wager on whether the total corners will be over or under a specific figure, adding an interesting dimension to the betting experience.

Penalty Betting

Punters can predict whether a penalty will be awarded during the match or which team will receive a penalty. This type of bet has gained popularity as it adds an extra layer of excitement to the game, especially considering the impact a penalty can have on the course and outcome of the match.


Football betting offers a fascinating blend of strategy, analysis, and excitement, elevating the game-day experience to new heights. The football betting types explored in this article cater to a wide range of preferences, from beginners seeking simplicity to seasoned bettors craving complexity.

Remember, responsible gambling is key to enjoying the thrill of football betting. So, whether you’re predicting outcomes, analyzing statistics, or embracing player-specific bets, remember to bet wisely and enjoy the beautiful game from a fresh perspective.


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