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tote placepot
June 6, 2023

The tote placepot is a popular bet that offers huge rewards for a small stake. It also gives participants an interest across the entire card at a race meeting and can truly enhance a day at the races.

A good tote placepot strategy involves choosing a banker leg. Typically, this is a horse that performs consistently but won’t be the SP favourite.

It is a pool bet

When it comes to horse racing betting, few bets are as popular as the Tote Placepot. This pool bet offers a cheap way to have a vested interest in the first six races of a meeting. The payouts can be very substantial and it is easy to win a significant sum for a relatively small stake. However, there are a few things to bear in mind when placing this bet.

A good starting point for any Placepot strategy is to identify a banker or two in each leg of the race. These are runners with a high chance of finishing in the placings. They should be backed at odds that are higher than those of the rest of the field, and it’s also helpful to look for consistency in runners. A good example of this is a horse that doesn’t always win but regularly runs well and is likely to be competitive in handicaps.

Using a Tote Placepot calculator will help you determine how much your winning bet is. The calculations are based on the number of correct selections and the stake per line. The total stake will be the number of lines you have multiplied by your stake per line and then divided by the Placepot dividend. The calculation can be confusing, so it’s best to stick with one or two selections in each race and avoid betting multiples.

If you’re not comfortable calculating your own bets, you can use the free Betfinder service provided by Tote. This website allows you to make a selection from any Tote pool by entering the runner and stake and selecting ‘Place Bet’. You can even use it for accumulators and other exotic bet types.

The Tote Placepot is a pool bet where you select a minimum of six horses that will finish in the places in the first six races at a meeting. The Pooled Placepot is operated at every race meeting and has a payout of over PS500 for each winning selection. You can find instructions on how to place a Placepot bet at any high-street bookmaker, or online at the Tote website.

It is a fixed-stake bet

The Tote Placepot is one of the most popular horse racing betting bet types. It requires selecting horses to finish placed in all six of the first races at a meeting and can yield significant payouts for relatively small stakes. Bettors are awarded a share of the pool depending on their initial stake. The bigger the pool, the higher the winnings. However, the higher the number of winners, the lower the dividend per winning line.

A successful Placepot strategy involves selecting runners with a good chance of placing in each of the six races, but it’s also important to have enough strength in numbers. Using banker selections in each of the legs can help keep total lines down, while leaving vulnerable favourites out of the bet can free up other selections that can increase the chances of success. This is especially true in competitive big-field handicaps where favourites tend to finish unplaced more frequently than they do in other races.

In the UK, high street bookmakers offer hordes of long rectangular papers covered in numbers and check boxes akin to lottery slips. These are known as Tote bet slips and they’re extremely popular with novice and professional punters alike. Unlike fixed odds bets, which are offered by online bookmakers, Tote bets pass stakes to the pool, so your win depends on the number of correct picks.

If all the selections win, the dividend is divided equally between all winning players and paid out in proportion to their initial stake. This means that a bet of PS5 will receive a prize of PS5. However, the Pools take 28% of the final pool to cover administration costs and return some revenue into horse racing, so your winnings might not always be what you expect.

It’s generally a good idea to make your Placepot bet as late in the day as possible. This will ensure that any non-runners in early races have been declared and that you’re able to judge the going and weather conditions with greater accuracy. Similarly, betting later in the day can allow you to select more horses in the harder races, which can improve your chances of success. Similarly, joining a syndicate can be a great way to improve the number of lines you have in the bet and increase your potential winnings.

It is a pool-based bet

The tote placepot is a pool-based bet that allows punters to have an interest in six races at a meeting for one stake. This bet can result in large payouts but there is also a great deal of skill required to win consistently. In addition to this, it allows punters to keep a stake active throughout the meeting and can truly add value to a day at the races or a day watching them from home.

A successful tote placepot requires a good mix of horses, preferably with some banker selections. These bankers are a good way to keep the bet alive, especially in fields of 16 runners and more. It is also a good idea to pick horses with consistency, and that means choosing those who don’t win much, but regularly finish in the top four.

It’s also a good idea to leave the tote placepot betting until later in the day, when the non-runners have been declared and the weather can be judged more accurately. The earlier you place your bet, the more money is sucked into the favourites and this can skew the final dividend.

Once the tote placepot has been decided, the winnings are paid out according to how many winning lines are landed. This can be a percentage of the final pool or a fixed dividend per winning line. Typically, the higher the number of winning lines, the better the payout.

The tote currently takes 28% out of the final pool for administration and to return some revenue back into the sport, which leaves 72% of the total pool to be shared between the winners. The payouts are calculated using a published dividend for EUR1 per winning line. In other words, if there are 100 EUR1 placed lines, the winnings are split up equally between those who have correctly predicted all six of the races. This is a very different system to Yankees, Lucky 31s, and other multiple bets, which are based on fractional odds and are dependent on horses winning or placing. This system is designed to make betting fairer for all players and will hopefully encourage more people to take part.

It is a fixed-dividend bet

The tote placepot is a fixed-dividend bet that offers a chance to win a big prize for a small stake. It is operated every day at British race meetings and requires a selection of six placed horses in six races according to the standard tote place rules. It is a popular bet among many horseracing fans. In addition, it is possible to make a combination bet on the Toteplacepot, consisting of one win and one place bet. Both bets must be placed before the start of the race in question.

The Tote is a UK-based pool betting operator, owned since 2019 by the Tote Group. Its products, including the tote placepot, can be accessed by punters from all over the world who are using a UK-based bookmaker. A visit to any high-street bookmaker will often see hordes of long rectangular papers covered in numbers and check boxes akin to lottery slips. These are known as tote bets and they are popular with novice and professional punters alike.

In the tote placepot, the winner of each race is determined by the number of runners that finish in the place. This means that the more a race is crowded, the higher the dividend will be paid to anyone who correctly predicts the outcome of all the horses in that race. However, if the winning horse is one of the favourites then the payout will be lower.

Choosing a good strategy for the tote placepot is an important aspect of making the most money from it. Generally, it is a good idea to select several horses that have an excellent chance of placing in each of the six races. This will reduce your losing streaks and increase the amount of cash you can win. Adding one or two horses that are considered to be single line ‘bankers’ in suitable races is also a good strategy.

The tote placepot is a very popular bet with horseracing enthusiasts and offers large jackpot payouts for small stakes. It is available at most UK and Irish race meetings and also major international events such as the Breeders’ Cup, Dubai World Cup and Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. To be eligible for the prize, players must choose a horse to be placed in all six races of a meeting and place a minimum bet of PS2.


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