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each way calculator
June 7, 2023

An each way bet is a single-selection wager that consists of two equal parts: a win bet and a place bet. It is common in horse racing and can be a great way to generate profit.

The Each Way Calculator is a tool that calculates the ideal lay stakes for each-way bets. It supports a wide range of odds formats and also allows you to specify Rule 4 deductions and Dead Heats.

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The each way calculator compares the potential payoffs for win, place and each-way wagers. It also calculates the risk-reward trade-offs for each type of bet. It supports all major odds formats, including decimal and fractional. It is an invaluable tool for determining the best stakes to place on each-way bets, especially those that include a double or treble. It is also useful for calculating the profit from arbitrage bets.

Each-way betting is a form of horse racing bet which consists of two separate bets on a single selection. The first bet is for your selection to win and the second is for your selection to finish in one of the predetermined places for that event, such as second or third place in a horse race or sports tournament. When your selection wins, you are paid for both the win and place bets. However, if your selection finishes second or third and does not win, you will only be paid for the place bet, which is usually around 1/4 of the original odds.

This is the reason why it’s important to always check the each-way terms before placing a bet. Different bookmakers offer different terms, and some will offer extra places to attract bets. These extra places will often be reflected in the odds, and can sometimes make a significant difference to your winnings.

If you are looking for the best each way matches to profit from gubbed and restricted accounts then this free each way bet calculator is for you. The tool compares each-way odds at dozens of bookmakers to their lay odds on the exchanges and can help you lock in profits with minimal risk.

The each-way calculator works by splitting the original odds into two sections; one for the chance that your selection will win, and the other for the chance it will finish in a particular place. It can also split a single-selection each way bet into a double or treble bet. To use the each-way calculator, simply enter the number of selections and the stake you want to place. The results will then be displayed. The calculator will show you the potential returns of your each-way bets and can be used to calculate accumulators too.


An each way calculator is a tool that allows you to work out your potential returns from an each-way bet. It will take into account your bet amount, the number of places your bet pays to and the odds of your selection winning or finishing in the top three. The calculator will then calculate your potential return and show you how much profit you could make. The calculator is available online and can be used for a variety of sports.

Each way bets are a type of wager offered by bookmakers consisting of two separate bets – one on the selection to win, and another on the selection to place. The place part of the bet pays out at a fraction (commonly 1/2, 1/3 or 1/4) of the winning odds. It is possible to place each-way bets on almost all events, although the offer of extra places is more common in horse races.

To use an each way calculator, enter the odds of your selection and the total stake you wish to bet. You can also select if you want to include any deductions or not. Then click on the large ‘Calculate’ button. Your potential returns and profits will be displayed instantly.

Each-way bets are typically placed on horse races, although they can also be placed on other sports such as golf. They can be profitable in particular because they allow punters to profit from the favourite’s price. This is because a favourite’s price will be less than the winning odds of an each-way bet, so the risk is lower. However, the payout for a winning each-way bet is still lower than the payout for a winning win only bet. As a result, some punters choose to place each-way bets on horses with higher odds, so they can still benefit from their performance, even if they do not win.

Place terms

The Each Way Calculator allows you to calculate the amount of money you can win from a each-way bet on a horse race. The calculator splits your total stake into two parts – one for the bet to win and the other to place. The tool then determines the ideal stakes to lay based on the back odds at the bookmaker and the lay odds on betting exchanges. The number of places and the each-way terms also need to be taken into consideration.

Place terms are the fraction of a horse or competitor’s odds that will be paid out if they finish in the place part of your Each Way bet. Typically, this is 1/4 or 1/5 of the original odds. For example, if your selected horse has winning odds of 10/1, you will only win returns for the place part if they finish in positions 2-6. This makes each-way betting popular in horse racing and golf where dead-heats are common.

In addition to the standard places on offer, many bookmakers will pay out additional place places. This is a great way to increase the amount of profit you can make from a Each Way bet. This is especially useful if you are backing a horse in the shortest price and hope that it will win, but could struggle to beat a rival for the top spot.

Each-way bets are generally offered in races with between 16 and 20 runners. Depending on the race, some bookmakers will offer more or less places than others. This is often a reflection of the chance that your selection will win the race. It’s important to check the each-way terms of a race before placing your bet to make sure that you’re not overpaying for the odds on your selection.

The each-way calculator lets you enter the odds of your selection, the place terms and the Rule 4 cost. Rule 4 is a reduction that is applied to your each-way winnings should a horse withdraw from the race, meaning that the number of available places will reduce. The calculation will then uncover the potential return on your Each Way bet, allowing you to decide whether it is worth placing or not.

Time of day

A each way calculator allows you to discover your potential return on an each-way bet, most often found in horse races. Using the each way calculator, you will need to enter your unit stake in the first box and select how many selections are included in your acca. Then you will need to enter the different odds formats, the place terms and the result (win, placed, dead heat, lost or void). You will also need to indicate whether Rule 4 deduction applies in the Rule 4 box.


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